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Urban Legends is a 30 minute 2007 television documentary-style series hosted by Michael Allcock. David Hewlett became the sponsor in 2011. In each episode, three urban legends have been dramatized and presented to the television viewer. The audience is then to speculate which one or even two of those three is true. Each legend has witnesses to inform this narrative. For the two or one fake legends, the witnesses are celebrities, whilst the genuine legend utilizes real people influenced by the narrative. Included in each event are just two quick quiz-like stories, called mini-myths, until the commercial breaks which air. Each will start with the number of this mini myth along with its name, followed closely by the narrative. After the commercial, the answer to this mini-myth is announced as well as the remainder of the programming continues because it previously had. The series originally aired on the Biography Channel at the U.S., History Television in Canada and FX at the Uk at which it was hosted by Mark Dolan. It has also aired in Argentina. The show briefly came back to the Syfy network within an"Original Series" with new events starting on Monday April 18, 2011, then moved to the regular time, Fridays at 10. The episodes followed precisely the identical format as the original but were narrated by the David Hewlett of Stargate. The show works occasionally as Mini marathons and reruns on Chiller and SyFy.
Released: 2007-06-18
Genre: Documentary, Drama
Casts: N/A
Duration: 30 min
Production: N/A

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