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Huo Xingchen, the daughter of the chief of the renowned Wuyue Sect, takes a decisive step into the martial world to defy the fate imposed upon her and to resist an unwanted arranged marriage. Along her journey, she crosses paths with Jiang Buting, an investigator delving into the case of a missing martial artist. Through a series of fateful encounters, they join forces and embark on a shared adventure. Along the way, they befriend numerous martial artists, uncover the truth behind the appearances of enigmatic figures in the martial world, and ultimately expose the schemes of two formidable villains, Mu Lang and Song Changsheng. As Huo Xingchen matures during the course of her investigation, she unravels intricate plots and deceptions, eventually realizing her ideals. She claims her rightful position as the leader of the Wuyue Sect, all while finding true love amidst the challenges.

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